Coming to Fruition

Shamrocks and St. Patrick's dayNearly a year ago, in preparation for Little Turtle’s arrival, I made a dress.  Based off of my Rosemary and Bay pattern, this version was for my own child,much anticipated at that point.  I made the dress with a Shamrock and a bit of a St. Patrick’s day flair, since part of my family is Boston Irish, and I love the green shamrock motif.  It seemed lucky to make a dress for my future daughter with a shamrock on it.  Last week I got to put her in it, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the fit.

First of all, it’s taken me nearly 10 months to realize if I kept the sticker on the paper, I could get Rebecca to hold it in a way that looks like she is holding up a sign… doh!

But let me get back to the dress!

I’ve written about this dress before, HERE.  But I didn’t share the details.  The greenish yarn is from Mountain Colors, and is their Twizzle.  I’d originally gotten enough to make myself a vest, but then decided instead to use it to make a slouchy hat (which Michael then washed and accidentally felted so…).  This is made from some of the scraps.  The yoke, hem and waistband area ll made in Mountain Colors Twizzle.  The body is knit in cream, and is from Willow.  It’s Willow Yarns Attire Light.  This yarn had some faults in it, so there were more ends to weave in than usual.

When I made the dress, I accidentally reversed the directions halfway through, so the “seam” is smack dab in the middle of the dress, underneath the shamrock.  I’m not too pleased with it, but I’m not going to rip it all out so… I doubt anyone really notices when it is on Rebecca.





Triple H = Helix Herringbone Hat

Caught in the throes of winter, I’ve managed to convince myself that spring is eminent.  This has nothing to do with reality, and everything to do with the fact I’m tired of winter – it needs to end. Thus, I’ve decided that warmer weather is coming my way.  It’s as if I’ve decided that I can will away winter, just by saying it so.

The colors for this hat were in that vein – chosen entirely because they were bright and counter to the dreary cold of winter.  The hat is Helix Herringbone Hat, and I’m teaching the pattern in a class at Fibre Space next weekend along with a class on Finishing.

What I love about this hat is the details: the herringbone stitch running in a corkscrew around the hat, making the stripes.  The perfect level of slouchy-ness.  The way the blue picks up my eyes.  The wonderful, wonderful drape of Neighborhood Fiber Company’s Rustic Fingering.

I couldn’t resist taking some detail shots of the stitches as it was blocking.  There’s a bowl in my kitchen that is the perfect size for slouchy hats.  I put the hat around the bowl, but leave the brim hanging over the edge, so it doesn’t get stretched out.  The hat ends up with the optimum slouch, while still having the brim be snug enough to keep the hat on.
I modified the hat just a little – decreasing to 12 sts instead of 6 so the stitches at the top make a more distinct star-burst pattern.  I also played around with the decreases just a tad to make the hat come to a bit less than a peak.
I also worked less rounds of the Herringbone stitch – I wanted the stripes concentrated toward the brim with less working themselves up to the crown.  I just ended up working the difference in the lack of stripes with normal rows of stockinette.
I look forward to seeing you at Fibre Space’s class this next Sunday!  Register today.  Bring your needles and your yarn… we’re going to go to town!