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Welcome to Tinking Turtle!

I’m Jennifer Raymond, a knitting and crochet designer and instructor. Tinking Turtle is my business, and the hub where you can find out about my fun and interactive classes, quirky designs, and professional finishing and repair services.

Check out my blog for helpful tutorials, tips & techniques, new patterns and more.

At the heart of Tinking Turtle Designs, is a love for knitting crocheting, simple pieces with interesting construction, and older techniques imagined in a more modern way. I love crochet accessories, knitted shawls, accessories and socks!


Upcoming Changes to Tinking Turtle Services


As Jennifer mentioned last week, the past several months (has it been that long?) have been very busy for us. Both with Little Turtle becoming more and more active and energetic as well as welcoming a future new addition to the family. All of this change has meant that we have been needing to take a more in-depth look at the level we are able to provide all of Tinking Turtle’s customer services. Prior to Little Turtle’s arrival, we spent some time exploring maternity leave and how it could impact small fiber arts… read more


Important Updates and News

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Much has been going on behind the scenes of Tinking Turtle recently, but it’s left me with precious little time to update the blog!  I’m going to be endeavoring to fix this oversight in the next few days with a series of updates, since some exciting things are happening this fall. But the biggest news that Mr. Turtle and I would like to share is that we will be adding another small member to our family in late February – a second girl.  We’re very excited to share this news with you! How… read more


Make Do and Mend: Recent Repair Projects



I’ve been working and plugging away at a number of repair projects, and while I’ve been posting them to Instagram, I thought I’d highlight a few here.  We’ve got one crochet piece and one knit piece. The knit piece features a stocking that was hung over the fireplace with care – but was hung a little too close to the flames! Not only did the warmth of the fire burn through the stocking, but it melted one of the stocking stuffers to the fabric, causing the bottle to leak all over the fibers.  It… read more