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Welcome to Tinking Turtle!

I’m Jennifer Raymond, a knitting and crochet designer and instructor. Tinking Turtle is my business, and the hub where you can find out about my fun and interactive classes, quirky designs, and professional finishing and repair services.

Check out my blog for helpful tutorials, tips & techniques, new patterns and more.

At the heart of Tinking Turtle Designs, is a love for knitting crocheting, simple pieces with interesting construction, and older techniques imagined in a more modern way. I love crochet accessories, knitted shawls, accessories and socks!


Family and Thanksgiving

This is a really poor picture of the sock, but I didn't even get to take a picture of them!


Packing last night to get ready to go, I noticed one of my favorite pairs of socks had a hole in it – like nearly half of the hand-knit socks I own right now.  They’ve went in the repair bag, to take along with me this weekend. We’re heading up to my parents in Upstate New York, and it’s bound to be a lovely trip.  My youngest brother I haven’t seen in person for nearly a year. What are you doing for the holidays? read more


Stained Glass Rug, Out in the World

Woman working on padded crochet motif.


Two weekends ago I had a really fun class I taught at Fibre Space on one of my favorite patterns I’ve designed: Stained Glass Rug.  The class which focused on padded crochet was dynamic and fun – and the students walked away with a good grasp of where to go next.  I’m looking forward to seeing some of their finished projects! Stained Glass Rug has been getting a lot of attention lately: it continues to show on Knitting Daily TV and public television.  Students continue to love learning how to work it in… read more


Coming Home From Holiday



A quick update from the Turtle front… Last week Mr. Turtle and I took a much needed trip with two of our close college friends, to a small island off of Puerto Rico, called Culebra.  It was wonderous. We went hiking along the coast, making our way along crystal clear beaches – some sandy and some rocky. We had the opportunity to to go snorkeling – one of my favorite activities!  We played games, got sun, caught up on sleep – I even managed to get some knitting in. Right now the inbox… read more