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Welcome to Tinking Turtle!

I’m Jennifer Raymond, a knitting and crochet designer and instructor. Tinking Turtle is my business, and the hub where you can find out about my fun and interactive classes, quirky designs, and professional finishing and repair services.

Check out my blog for helpful tutorials, tips & techniques, new patterns and more.

At the heart of Tinking Turtle Designs, is a love for knitting crocheting, simple pieces with interesting construction, and older techniques imagined in a more modern way. I love crochet accessories, knitted shawls, accessories and socks!


Welcome Marly Fans!



If you’re coming here from Marly Bird’s The Yarn Thing, welcome!  I’d love to have you sign up for my newsletter or follow me on Facebook or Twitter.  Feel free to read some of my previous blog posts!  If you enjoy tutorials, check out How to Set a Zipper in a Sweater.  If you like a behind-the-scenes look at designing, check out some of my posts on my designs in Crochetscene.  And if you’d like to revisit some of my oldest sock designs, check out a side by side comparison of two older designs. If… read more


Tomorrow I’m Appearing On The Yarn Thing!



Tomorrow I’ll be appearing on Marly Bird’s The Yarn Thing Podcast.  I’m terribly excited: Marly is an incredibly smart businesswoman and very genuine with an infectious laugh.  I’ve only gotten to meet her a couple of times – I’m so enthused to be able to chat with her on her podcast! If you’ve never listened to a podcast before, they’re terribly fun.  Basically radio shows for the internet, there’s a variety of shows I love.  The Yarn Thing is one of the ones I listen to when I need to get some serious… read more


Isis Wings and Totoro: Old and New Handknit Socks



Yesterday I got a welcome package in the mail from Three Irish Girls: a pair of handknit socks.  Now, these weren’t just any two pairs of socks.  This pair of socks were the samples made for Three Irish Girls’ back in the day when I designed Totoro and Isis wings for them – two of the very first patterns I ever designed for them.  Seeing these two pairs of socks was like meeting old friends you didn’t know you had – both these samples were made by hired knitters, and sent straight to TIG… read more