Upcoming Changes to Tinking Turtle Services

As Jennifer mentioned last week, the past several months (has it been that long?) have been very busy for us. Both with Little Turtle becoming more and more active and energetic as well as welcoming a future new addition to the family. All of this change has meant that we have been needing to take a more in-depth look at the level we are able to provide all of Tinking Turtle’s customer services.

Prior to Little Turtle’s arrival, we spent some time exploring maternity leave and how it could impact small fiber arts businesses. Learning from our own experiences, we are going to be making a few changes to Tinking Turtle’s services going into the Holiday season and New Year:

Effective November 1st, we will no longer be accepting standard turnaround service for finishing projects. Our goal is to ensure that we have everything with the business buttoned up prior to Turtle II’s arrival, and in order to do that we will need wo work through the projects that have already been committed.

A crib with blankets waits for a new arrival

Awaiting a new arrival

We will still accept finishing projects through December 1st with Expedited turnaround time pricing for a 6 week turnaround, and then through January 1st for Rush turnaround time.

Afterthose deadlines, or if you do not desire to have your project expedited, you can use our Contact Form to sign up for our Finishing and Repair wait list.

We are going to look at providing a longer block of leave this time around, with an anticipated return to business operations mid to late summer 2018.

While we may be a bit slow to respond to inquiries after the New Year as we focus on growing our new family, our hope is to be able to continue to providing our exceptional service and balancing that quality with family obligations over the next many months.