Knit-a-long: Rosemary & Bay

I suppose it was coming.  I finished off the slouchy hat, and I knew we were going to be in church, so I decided I’d grab a copy of
Rosemary & Bay
on my way out the door.  I had the remainder of a skein of Twizzle left.  I figured I’d get started on the yoke, come home, and find some suitable yarn to act as a contrast color and fill out the yardage needed for Rosemary & Bay.

You see, I’ve begun knitting for the Kiwi (little turtle).

I have the Twizzle from Mountain Colors for the yoke, hem, waistline, and accents.  And I have some leftover Willow Attire in cream for the body and the skirt.

Have I swatched? (well, I have the entire hat to act as a swatch, so yes, kinda.  I have not swatched with the Attire, recently, although I have my old swatch from designing with it, so qualified yes).

Am I getting gauge? (well… no.  But it’s for a baby, and I’m making the largest size and we’ll see how it works.  I’m going to launch myself into a mistake I can see coming.  It’s the baby fumes.)

Still, after casting on for the yoke, I’m in the swing of things here, and I wanted to invite ya’ll to knit along.  Baby clothes are always needed.  And if they aren’t needed, well that’s what a trosseau’s for, right?

Here I am casting on for this version of Rosemary & Bay.  If you’d like to get the pattern, I’ll be having it on sale from now thru the end of the month.  Simply enter in “littleturtle” for 40% off.