Exciting News for Tinking Turtle

Balloon LogoI’ve started this blog post more times than I can count.  I’ve tried for profound, silly, and serious.  I’ve tried imitating other people who have come before, and nothing quite has hit the mark.  So I’m just going to share.

Coming in May 2016, Mr. Turtle and I will be expecting a little turtle.  Yesterday, Michael and I headed to have our first ultrasound, where we found out we’re having a baby girl.  I haven’t even quite wrapped my mind around the gender yet!  Needless to say, Michael, myself, and both sides of our family our terribly excited.

For the last few weeks, we’ve been calling the baby “the Kiwi.”  While we’re in the final rounds of picking out a name, we probably won’t be sharing it until the baby’s born.  We like to keep some things a surprise!  So until then, feel free to call the baby the Kiwi with me.  Who knows, stranger nicknames have happened.

Come May there’ll be a bunch of new changes as we adjust to having a new member of the family.  On Saturday I’ll explain what that’ll mean for Tinking Turtle as a business, and how that will affect you, the customer!

I’m also now accepting suggestions for baby clothes and accessories to knit or crochet.  Priority being things that are practical, and that the baby will be able to wear more than three times.  Is there a particular pattern you love?  Share it with me in the comments!


  • Worldknits

    Wahoo! Life is about to get interesting and more full of love than you can imagine. I made a couple cardigans and sweaters for 6-12 months and wished I had made a few more. Sam was born this past May and was able to start wearing them around Sept with the sleeves rolled up. He’ll still fit in them through the winter. In addition to that, I love soft footless pants as they are super easy to put on and for him to move around in (baby gap makes some great baby sweatpants, too). I also wish I had a couple more long sleeve cotton cardis for when he was a newborn. Something I learned with Sam, by the time the baby reaches the age the clothes were made for- say 3mo/6mo/etc- they’ve already outgrown them (if that helps you buy ahead for the first year or two). I made a bunch of sleep sacks using one I bought at ikea as my pattern and they’re great for bedtime. Also, if you’re interested in cloth diapering feel free to email me. I love it- easy to do and way cheaper than disposables. If you have any other questions I’m here, too. May is a great time to have a baby!

  • Jen

    Yay! Congratulations!

    I love the Upside Down Daisy Hat. I’ve knit that one about a hundred times. I also made my niece a Clementine Hoodie. I made it a little larger and she got lots and lots of wear out of it. Oh, and Anne Hanson’s Vine Flower Dress was a fun knit too!

    • Oh, I’d forgotten about Anne’s Flower Dress – I think one of my student knit that a little while back. *goes to add it to the queue*