Thursday, December 22, 2011

Please. Don't say you're making a scarf.

Many people come into the yarn store where I work, and will say it's their first time knitting or crocheting and they want to make a scarf.  I always try to steer them away from this.


Because a scarf takes a long time.  And especially if you are doing a garter stitch scarf or a scarf in single crochet, after the first 8-10", you've got knitting/single crochet down.  Now you are going to be working that same stitch for at least another 50".  Chances are you want to move beyond that one stitch.  Maybe learn to purl, double crochet, increase or decrease.  You start loosing interest.  And there, that scarf languishes.  You might even give up knitting or crochet altogether.

Please don't do this to yourself.  It would be like a person who went into a weight loss program saying they needed to loose 100 lbs.  Well, you might want to loose 100 lbs, but chances are you are going to focus on more attainable, small term goals.  Perhaps just the first 5 lbs.

In a similar way, give yourself a more attainable goal.  Perhaps you'd like to make a pair of finger-less mitts.  Or a cowl.  Here's a list of a few different projects you can do easily, as a beginner, and still get satisfaction from completing a project.

A shopping bag made out of squares.

A Pair of slippers. - they fold up really easily, and then you just whip stitch them up the sides.

Another pair of slippers.

A knitted bunny pattern - made of squares.

A garter stitch kitty made out of squares.

A teddy bear made of squares.

A small crochet clutch

Crochet slippers

Crochet Hat

Fingerless Mitts

Good luck learning, and may you set some accomplish-able goals!

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