Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sneak Peak: Ideas for a Name?


277I've got a sneak peak for you today. I'll even tell you what yarn it's in. Three Irish Girls Aiden on Adorn. Try not to drool too much.

Got an idea on the name of them? The stitch pattern kinda reminds me of Totoro, and well, if you can't figure out by the link then you'll just have to go ask a friend.

So, any ideas?

286In other news, Sweetness fell and smooshed her hand between her scooter and the ground.  It was bleeding, and I didn't have a band-aid (hence why you should always have a paper towel with you... I do!).  But luckily, I had some TIG, to save the day.  She was pretty excited that my special yarn got to be part of her bandage.

So, do you have any inventive ways that you've used your yarn lately, besides the obvious?


  1. No idea for the name...but what does it mean that I not only immediately recognized the yarn as 3IG, I knew the colorway? :-)

  2. It means that you know the good yarn. *grins* I'm getting that way with the bases, but not the colors yet.


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