Monday, April 25, 2011

Ellie Made Me Cupcakes

Cupcakes.  Ellie made them for me, which makes them Amazing.
 Yesterday was my birthday party, and a bunch of people I love got together to help me celebrate it.  I will now show you some pictures, because it was amazing.
Even better, she made a cupcake for Michael, which had the most frosting on it of all the cupcakes.  This was a great gift, because if it makes Michael happy, it makes me happy.

There's a rule at Michael's and my parties, that you need to wear a silly hat.  My silly hat, and my rainbow cupcakes.  Yes, I really am that happy.  Who wouldn't be?  They're RAINBOW CUPCAKES.

Michael, with his cupcakes, which as more frosting on it than cake.

See?  Rainbows.  Amazing.

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