Coming to Fruition

Shamrocks and St. Patrick's dayNearly a year ago, in preparation for Little Turtle’s arrival, I made a dress.  Based off of my Rosemary and Bay pattern, this version was for my own child,much anticipated at that point.  I made the dress with a Shamrock and a bit of a St. Patrick’s day flair, since part of my family is Boston Irish, and I love the green shamrock motif.  It seemed lucky to make a dress for my future daughter with a shamrock on it.  Last week I got to put her in it, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the fit.

First of all, it’s taken me nearly 10 months to realize if I kept the sticker on the paper, I could get Rebecca to hold it in a way that looks like she is holding up a sign… doh!

But let me get back to the dress!

I’ve written about this dress before, HERE.  But I didn’t share the details.  The greenish yarn is from Mountain Colors, and is their Twizzle.  I’d originally gotten enough to make myself a vest, but then decided instead to use it to make a slouchy hat (which Michael then washed and accidentally felted so…).  This is made from some of the scraps.  The yoke, hem and waistband area ll made in Mountain Colors Twizzle.  The body is knit in cream, and is from Willow.  It’s Willow Yarns Attire Light.  This yarn had some faults in it, so there were more ends to weave in than usual.

When I made the dress, I accidentally reversed the directions halfway through, so the “seam” is smack dab in the middle of the dress, underneath the shamrock.  I’m not too pleased with it, but I’m not going to rip it all out so… I doubt anyone really notices when it is on Rebecca.





Project Updates

I’ve been struggling with all the rain we’ve been getting in Virginia the last week.  It’s made me want to hole up inside, forget my work, and knit/crochet to a good series of audiobooks.  Ever have those weeks?

This weekend ended up being like a breath of fresh air – the weather was warm and favorable, and we were able to tackle some projects we’d been wanting to get to before Little Turtle arrived.  Little Turtle, thankfully, was accommodating.

As I’m wrapping up projects left and right before Little Turtle comes, it’s given me some breathing room to tackle some personal knitting projects that had stalled.  It’s also given me a bit of breathing room to begin dreaming again – projects and ideas I’ve been wanting to tackle, yarn that needs to be used, and things that have been resting in the back of my mind that needed to come out.

Rosemary and Bay

I finally finished the small touches on my own, personal Rosemary & Bay.  I started it shortly after St. Patrick’s day, so it has a bit of an Irish theme.  Which is OK with me – my father’s family being Boston Irish, I figure I’m entitled to dressing Little Turtle in Shamrocks on more than just the holiday.  The small Shamrock was duplicate stitched after finishing the dress.


Wooden Buttons

It still needs a good ribbon for the center – debating if I want to do a shade of green, white, or something completely different.  I added two little wooden buttons for the back closure.  I actually turned the buttons around so the backside is facing outwards: I like this side better!


Coming off of Unwind I’d had a number of samples I’d started for classes.  I normally try and have something to use to demonstrate on (even if I’m just as prone to “stealing” student’s projects).  That way, if someone needs to practice a skill before working on their own piece, there’s one available.  Still, after the weekend I had a yen to finish the pieces, rather than just ripping them out and returning the yarn to the pile.  A week later, and I find I’m richer two sets of pulsvarmers and a half-finished cowl – pictures to come!

What have you been working on?


KAL: Starting Rosemary & Bay

Have you joined the KAL yet?  This month I’m running a KAL for Rosemary & Bay, one of my favorite self-published patterns.  I’ve extended the deadline to use a coupon to get Rosemary & Bay: enter “littleturtle” before the 12th, and get 40% off!

Rosemary and Bay

Rosemary and Bay

Let me tell you why I love this pattern.  Last week I cast on for the neckline, and it was just sailing by.  I loved watching the changes in colors, I loved seeing how the garter stitch was working up, and I was anticipating the divide for the armholes.  I love that this pattern has no seaming, so the work just sails by.  Which means, if you can’t tell by the picture, I’m in a bit of a pickle… I just kept going.


I have to admit I’ve went a bit beyond the neckline, which was my goal for this week.  If you’re just joining us, let’s set a goal of picking out yarn and getting the neckline done this week.  Don’t be afraid to stash dive… how neat would this baby look in rainbow colors?  Or even more than the two I’m using here?

Later this week I’ll have a tutorial about joining the neck, since if you haven’t done this particular pattern before, that can bit a bit tricky.

But let me tell you a bit more about this knit.  It’s sized for newborn to two years old (and frankly, if you want to push it to 3 years, grab an Aran weight yarn and go up a needle size or two).  Rosemary & Bay is well suited to a single color of yarn, but also looks so darn cute in multiple colors.  (I’m planning to add shamrocks to mine – just you wait and see).  It’s great in wool or cotton, and the garter stitch keeps most of the pattern from having too much purling.

Don’t believe me?  Vmay71, on Ravelry, says this about the pattern: “She got me started on Tuesday and done by Saturday. A clear pattern that knits up quickly. What more could you ask for? ”

So come join me!  We’re going to have a bunch of fun!

And pickup the pattern here to get 40% off!  You don’t even need a Ravelry account!

Knit-a-long: Rosemary & Bay

I suppose it was coming.  I finished off the slouchy hat, and I knew we were going to be in church, so I decided I’d grab a copy of
Rosemary & Bay
on my way out the door.  I had the remainder of a skein of Twizzle left.  I figured I’d get started on the yoke, come home, and find some suitable yarn to act as a contrast color and fill out the yardage needed for Rosemary & Bay.

You see, I’ve begun knitting for the Kiwi (little turtle).

I have the Twizzle from Mountain Colors for the yoke, hem, waistline, and accents.  And I have some leftover Willow Attire in cream for the body and the skirt.

Have I swatched? (well, I have the entire hat to act as a swatch, so yes, kinda.  I have not swatched with the Attire, recently, although I have my old swatch from designing with it, so qualified yes).

Am I getting gauge? (well… no.  But it’s for a baby, and I’m making the largest size and we’ll see how it works.  I’m going to launch myself into a mistake I can see coming.  It’s the baby fumes.)

Still, after casting on for the yoke, I’m in the swing of things here, and I wanted to invite ya’ll to knit along.  Baby clothes are always needed.  And if they aren’t needed, well that’s what a trosseau’s for, right?

Here I am casting on for this version of Rosemary & Bay.  If you’d like to get the pattern, I’ll be having it on sale from now thru the end of the month.  Simply enter in “littleturtle” for 40% off.


Last Pattern of the New Year; Sneak Peek at 2015 Suprpries

Lights Burn Blue

As the last days are rolling out of this year, I’ve got one last pattern to celebrate the New Year.  Lights Burn Blue is a mitten pattern with a buttoned cuff.  Wear the cuff up to keep out the cold, or wear it
down for a more fashionable statement.

Lights Burn Blue

Lights Burn Blue, and it’s sister pattern, Rosemary & Bay, are two patterns that are a collaboration between two of my favorite craft-related companies. (Also, both named after lines in Shakespeare, to keep with my naming scheme.)  Both patterns are worked with Dragonfly Fibers’ Traveller yarn, and both feature ceramic buttons from My Garage Art.  I’m a big believer in supporting other small businesses, and I believe very strongly in supporting businesses that have quality products.  Dragonfly Fibers makes beautiful yarn in stunning combinations, and My Garage Art makes gorgeous buttons.  Every time I go on their website, I find another set of buttons I just have to have.

Which brings me to an exciting thing I’ll be offering in the New Year: kits, featuring coordinating Dragonfly Fibers Yarns and My Garage Art buttons, to make Rosemary & Bay dresses or Lights Burn Blue patterns.

Now, the kits won’t be coming out on the very first day of New Year: I have a website that is also getting an overhaul.  But I will be offering them in a few different venues, which will be announced!

Rosemary & Bay

Keep tuned, as I’ll be posting some pictures of the gorgeous buttons in the upcoming days.

Two Designs Today: Rosemary & Bay and Barber Pole Cowl

I’m busy preparing to take off for a weekend in DC, to visit family, friends, and teach a little, but I had a quick note I wanted to drop.  I’ve got 2 (count that – two!) designs out today, and I wanted to share them with you.

The first, Barber Pole Cowl, is out with Interweave Crochet’s Winter 2015 issue.  It’s just in the nick of time, being that cowl weather is descending quite quickly.  I love this cowl for a bunch of reasons: it’s stretchy fabric, it’s double-warm fabric from carrying the yarn stranded, and the opportunity for holiday colors.  I’m thinking of doing a crochet-a-long!  Let me know if you’re interested!

The second pattern out today follows my Shakespeare Naming Trend for my self-published designs (because, like I mentioned, I’m a geek).  Rosemary & Bay is a sweet and versatile child dress sized up to 2 yrs old.  It’s a simple and approachable pattern, and completely workable in a quick amount of time – like before Christmas!

I love the little details that make this dress: the slightly ruffled hem, the ribbon around the waist, the buttons by My Garage Art that close the back (or the front: the dress is completely reversible)!  I’ll leave you with a picture: