Did you miss anything from October?

Wow, this month has gone by fast!  It seems like only a week ago Michael and I had just gotten back from our honeymoon, and now it’s going to be Halloween tomorrow!

I had 2 patterns release this month!  Interweave Crochet’s Plaited Hat and One Salt Sea.  Check them out.  Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

Good?  Aren’t they great?

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A Collection of October’s Pictures

In case you missed it the first time, the most popular posts from this month:
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Things I pinned.

What were your highlights from October?

Blogging for Jordana Paige

Exciting news!

Cezanne, my favorite all all Jordana’s Purses!

There’s been a bunch of great changes that are happening in the background right now.  Some of them I can’t talk about yet, but one of them I can.

I’ve joined the Jordana Paige blogging team!  If you don’t know about Jordana Paige, she makes beautiful purses and bags.  The best part about them is that they’re made specifically for crafters.  Each of them has special touches that make them super helpful – places to store your WIP, or little pockets for notions.

As part of joining Jordana’s blogging team I’ll be writing a crochet-focused article twice a month.  They’ll be a range of topics: tutorials, reviews, and other crochet related things.

The first blog post went live on Friday.  You should go check it out!

Air Plants

Okay, brief little weirdness.  I like growing strange things.  Right now, I’m trying to propagate lichen with my tree, and I’ve been known to grow a mean batch of mushrooms.  Chances are, if I like a plant, it’s got an 80% chance of being a type of bromeliad.  That’s just how I roll.

Lately though, I’ve been wanting to grow some air plants, also known as tillandsia (which are actually a type of bromeliad).  They absorb their nutrients through the AIR, which is really cool.  They don’t really need their roots as anything other than the means to hold onto wherever they grow.  Heck, this is one step better than hydroponics!   These things don’t even need DIRT.


Which means you can do what I really want to do, which is to get some of

… and then get some of


Glue them together with water insoluble glue.  And then stick them on my magnetic closet doors.

How cool would that be?

Crafting Spaces

UntitledInspired by a few people who where talking about their knitting nooks and where they work on the Three Irish Girls forum, and also a post or two that I cam across in the last week (which I now can’t find the source… oh well).  I thought I would share some pictures the new place Michael and I have moved into.

By new place, I mean we’ve been here for more than two months, but before now, it hasn’t really quite felt like home, just the place we crashed.  I’m starting to feel proprietary toward the place, which tells me that it’s starting to feel like home.

UntitledSo, my time is divided by two places.  Most of my blogging and pattern writing happens at the computer desk that I share with Michael.  However, since I spend more time there, I have my bookshelf right next to the desk space.  I do have to try my best to keep the desk space clean, because Michael also uses it, but now, after a few years of sharing a desk, he’s become quite tolerant of my mess.

When I’m just working on a project or a sample, swatching or doing other things, I’ll put a show I don’t have to watch on my computer (or put a book on tape on) and work at the couch.  I’ve got an ottoman where things get thrown into when I’m not working on them, so Michael doesn’t sit on them and they don’t get tangled or ruined.

UntitledStuff that needs to be blocked or needs to be spread out is put on the kitchen table.  I can add two leaves to it, and then stick my mats on it to block something big out.

Finally, if I’m just crocheting for fun I’ll settle into the comfy chair, but the comfy chair is only really for work that isn’t under a deadline, because most times when I’m in this chair?  I end up drifting off or falling asleep.  Also, this chair is comfy, but not so much when you are trying to get real work done… it doesn’t provide much back support.
 So now that I’ve shared my work space, what does yours look like?  Tell me about it, or post some pictures and link back.  I love to look at where other people work.