Chimney Corners Camp

I’ve talked a little bit before about Chimney Corners Camp, which is located in the Berkshires of Massachusetts.  I started going to the camp in 1995, when I was eight years old.  I continued to go until 2008, which was my last year.  I worked as the Assistant Waterfront Director.

CCC, as the camp is known to insiders, has been a place of incredible growth throughout my life.  It’s where I learned to get along with others, how to be a leader and a follower.  I learned that you can love a place without it being perfect.  CCC has been my home when my family moved several times.  It’s where my childhood friends are, and where most of my formative experiences have almost all taken place.

I’ve been thinking about doing a design series to talk about my process, from sketching, swatching, grading, the whole gammut.

My question is, what would you like to see?  If you wanted to know more about a designer, the process, etc, what would you like to know about, and what would you find most interesting?

Let me know in the comments.

So this probably isn’t the best time to start blogging again.

So I’ve decided to start blogging the day before I go on a weekend trip to the boyfriend’s family farm… probably not the best time to start blogging, but it needed to be done.

In the upcoming weeks I’ll be talking about the projects I’m working on, the classes I’ll be teaching, and the things going on in my life. Nothing terribly out of the ordinary, but it’ll be exciting, I promise you!