Adventures in Colorado: Filming with Interweave

Today I’m in Fort Collins, CO, and the looming sight of the Rockies dominates the skyline every-time I go outside.  The air is dryer than I’m used to, and I’m sucking back more water than I expected, and I actually used moisturizer on my face and hands – something I nearly never do.

Some of you may be wondering why I’m hanging at the base of the Rockies instead of tucked away in my home in Ashland, and you’d be right in wondering why I’m here – it has been a while since I wrote.  These two days, today and tomorrow, are the culmination of a crazy two three four months of work – 15 patterns designed and a full roster of teaching in the Spring Fiber Festival circuit.  That’s all capped off this week, where I’m filming four different classes for Interweave’s Online store.

Some of the classes I’m teaching are based around patterns you may be familiar with –  Stained Glass Rug, or Barberpole Cowl.  Some of the classes are based around projects that are due to come out this Fall.  They’re all about crochet.  All of them are on techniques I’m super passionate about: padded crochet, stranded crochet, crochet through the back loop, crochet short rows, and broomstick crochet.  Interweave’s crew has been awesome, and working with them has been such fun.  I’ve always loved the people who are drawn to “backstage” work, and the group at Interweave are great at putting people at ease and making the whole process fun.

Which isn’t to say I got back to my room and promptly zoned out for an hour.  Teaching in front of a camera is hard.  When you teach to a classroom at a fiber festival or shop, there’s an energy and flow that feeds back upon you.  When you get a great class, it’s energizing to teach them.

There’s none of that in film, but you still have to put out the same amount of energy.

Tomorrow we have two more classes to film, and I can’t be more excited!  I promise I’ll update you with more, but drop me a note – it’s been awhile since I’ve heard from people, and I’d love to hear your questions or have you tell me what’s going on!