Sunday, April 1, 2012

Stash Sunday

Yarn Organization 174Merino Wool, Silk and Angora

This is some handspun that is realitively new.  That is, it's been spun in the last 6 months.  This was a dream to spin, and I'm tempted to buy up the rest of it from the Yarn Spot and spin that up also.  So nice.  I'm thinking I might want to get a local dyer I know, of Rock Creek Yarns to dye it for me, though I'm unsure of what color I'd like.

The details:  I've got 9.78 ounces936 yards of Sport to fingering weight yarn.  Not sure what it's going to become yet, but I'm thinking a beaded shawl, just so the lace can let the angora bloom.
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