Wednesday, April 11, 2012

An Interview with Ellie

So Ellie, we're both sitting here and I think you should let me interview you.

Ellie:  Okay.  You can write I'm fascinating if you like.  Let them know that I"m not a concieted ***hole.... don't write ***hole.

Jen: Okay.  I can do that.  All right, most important question:  The first five cookies you think are the best.  The true cookies, if you may.

E: Let's see... like, brand name cookies, or cookies I make?

J: Cookies, you make.

E: You really are transcribing everything?

J: Yes, I type fast enough.

E: Peanut butter cookies.  How vulgar can I be?  Do people with children read this?

J: Probably not now.

E: Okay.  *laughs*  I sorta think peanut butter cookies are right next to orgasm.  Umm... please don't type  my umms.

J: Okay.  I can do that.

E: Lemon cookies.

J: What?

E: You don't eat lemon cookies?  I made them for you once for your birthday.

J: Oh, those.  They were delicious.

E: Chocolate chip cookies.

J: Naturally

E: Grasshopper cookies.

J: Grasshopper?

E: They're made with mint choclate.  Though I'd probably eat cookies with grasshoppers in them also.

J: I would too.

E: Oatmeal... not with raisins though.  Raisins are the boogers of the fruit world.

J: Really?

E: When I was a little kid, I'd used to call them weewees.  And one thime my mom got me a cinamon rasins buns with the frosting on top and I said to her, mommy there are weewees sleeping in my cake.  And refused to eat it.

J: I would too.  Though I like raisins, weewees would be just unnerving in cake.  I assume that means you don't like rum cake with rasins in them, right?

E: By the time you put enough rum in it, you don't notice the raisins.

J: I love you.

E: *Laughter.*  I love you too.

J: And that's why I love Ellie.
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