Thursday, November 17, 2011

Apparently I don't do lists right

When I went with my grandmother on a cruise about a month ago, I created a list of things to do for Michael (now my fiancee!).  It went a little like this (edited for brevity):

  • Use up the bananas in the fridge
  • Create delicious spice mixes for me to use
  • Miss Jen
  • Get together with Rob and Ellie (of Ellie Makes Cakes note: Ellie doesn't update much, but her cakes are really pretty)
  • Miss Jen
  • Clean Room
  • Do Laundry
  • Finish all the things in your online course
  • Miss Jen. Take a picture of your sad face
  • Find the notes hidden around the house
Michael immidately looked at it and asked if it was an ordered list... ie, did you have to do one thing before you went on to the other.  He then made note that some of the things were contingent upon other, while others were not.  Could he race through the list and get everything done right away?  And on and on.  Clearly I needed to take a programing class so I knew how to make lists correctly. *rolls eyes*  Apparently an "amalgamation of thoughts" is not a list.

So, this is a non-ordered list, with things not contingent upon previous things getting done. Instead, it is a list of thoughts for today.
  • I really dislike weaving in ends.  Unlike most activities, some of which I dislike (like dish-washing), which I won't mind as long as I'm entertained, weaving in ends is really tedious.
  • However, this design is going to rock when it is done, even if there are a boatload of ends to weave in.  Why? Because it has beads.  I think the beads are really great.
  • The apple tree is dying.
    • Now, I know, I've never claimed to have a really green thumb, but I thought the apple tree was going to pull through.  It survived the cat nibbling on it, only to not get watered after I came home from the cruise.  I noticed it was getting a little interesting today, and the leaves are getting rather crispy.  I'm hoping it's just transitioning to fall and not just dried up dead.  We'll see.
  • The avocado trees are doing well, and one more seed is getting ready to be planted.  Dunno where I'm going to put it.  Calabash trees are happy too, and the pineapple plant is doing all right also.
  • Pictures from Rob and Ellie's Engagement photos came out really well.  I really want a new camera.
  • I should write up a christmas wishlist.
  • I really should be working on e-mails.  Ah well.
So what are ya'll up to today?  Got any thoughts to put out there?

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  1. My thoughts: Every atom in us has already created a myriad of different things and will go onto make a myriad of new things; we have been mountains, apples and pulsars.


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